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"Where Were You?"
Issue #11 - 18/01/10

"The Message of God"
Issue #10 - 17/12/08

"The Power of God"
Issue #9 - 30/11/08

"A Blank Horizon"
Issue #8 - 09/10/08

"The Inscrutable Union"
Issue #7 - 08/09/08

Issue #6 - 18/07/08

"Now what?!"
Issue #5 - 05/06/08

Issue #4 - 28/04/08

"Bystanders on Sundays"
Issue #3 - 01/04/08

Presentation of the Lord to the Temple
Issue #2 - 03/03/08

"The Incarnation"
Issue #1 - 08/01/08

Working in Efmevi

Getting on staff

We're looking for the following staff members ... to make Efmevi great.

  • writers: regular contributors, columnists
  • artists: illustrators, photographers, painters, graphic designers
  • marketers and advertisers
  • digital artists
  • technologists

Want to work with us?

Who wrote that?

Efmevi sheds light on well-known topics from a perspective that doesn't betray the essence of faith. We're one voice and one person. Our focus is on the unanimity and strength of that single voice. Efmevi is a publication contributed to by anonymous, talented, and dedicated writers, technologists, and artisans. In the spirit of the Economist and in line with our philosophy, all essays, except the editor's letter at present, will not be attributed to their authors.

You will be able to read about Efmevi contributors very soon to see the diversity of our staff.

Our Direction

Efmevi is starting out as an e-zine with the aim of developing into a print magazine within a projected timescale of 2 years.

We are looking for generous and skilled people to help us achieve this goal sooner.