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Past Issue # 7

"The Inscrutable Union"

There will be countless marriages and crowning ceremonies over the next coming months. It's the wedding season all over the Coptic Church.

The word 'marriage' conjures up a broad and deep range of emotions and thoughts to people. So much is written about marriage and sex that it would be safe to say our minds and lives are flooded with books, articles, films, essays, and ministries about these two topics. It's understandable when there is such a high demand to understand and grasp them. Related to all this is the other live wound of the modern day: dating.

We have a supply for literature, media, and teaching. There are the traditional, progressive, cynical, and apathetic views. People demand this information to make sense of it.

It does seem like the one human union that can be a wholly bodily affair or one that tiptoes around the messiness of sex and human emotion. Adding more fuel to the confusion, it's apparent from Scripture God designed marriage to be a fully bodily, emotional, and spiritual union.

But marriage and sex still manage to elude us. The more people prescribe how to get it, do it, enjoy it, the more the topics escape us. The more people try to liberate it from human constructs, the more they demand attention for containment.

How do we make sense of all this?

The 2 main events of this liturgical month are the Transfiguration and the Assumption of the Body of the Theotokos. The former is a minor Lordly feast and the latter is a feast of the Virgin.

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