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Past Issue # 10

"The Message of God"

In the spirit of last month's issue, this month's issue is on the message of God to his people. We are now in the Coptic month of Hatour or Athor, where the overall theme prevalent in the liturgical readings is 'the message of God to his people'.

The immediate answers can 'salvation', 'love', 'peace' if we suspend thought and react as Sunday School children. Is our knee-jerk answer correct? Or, is it something deeper we may have missed because it's such an overdone topic for us?

What is the message from God to us?

Putting aside familiarity, we can also spring to the other extreme and just assume it's about preaching to the unbelievers. Surely, the message of God means his invitation for all to be saved and for them to believe and repent. Or, is the message to God about sin and redemption? Is it the Cross? Is the Church?

It's like asking someone, how do you breathe? It's a fundamental question we end up answering by doing, rather than stopping to explain. To be a Christian is to be one who has heard the message. It must be the case.

When we look at the readings of this liturgical month, what is the message from God to us? And what is the relationship between the written message and Christ's coming?

This issue aims to answer these questions and explicate Scripture in the runup to the Feast of the Incarnation of Christ, his Nativity.

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