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"Where Were You?"
Issue #11 - 18/01/10

"The Message of God"
Issue #10 - 17/12/08

"The Power of God"
Issue #9 - 30/11/08

"A Blank Horizon"
Issue #8 - 09/10/08

"The Inscrutable Union"
Issue #7 - 08/09/08

Issue #6 - 18/07/08

"Now what?!"
Issue #5 - 05/06/08

Issue #4 - 28/04/08

"Bystanders on Sundays"
Issue #3 - 01/04/08

Presentation of the Lord to the Temple
Issue #2 - 03/03/08

"The Incarnation"
Issue #1 - 08/01/08

The Tag-line

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If Efmevi, this person characterized, could speak, they would say the tag-line.

We look for enlightenment, the initial touch of God, imparted by the Spirit, to seek Christ again.

We seek knowledge. This is reading and learning tempered by the working out of our faith; our fathers call this orthopraxis. It's a process and a life journey.

We strive at perfection. This is the act of becoming God by his grace which He is by essence. Perfection in God is the slow act of the believer forged more and more into the face and life of Christ. The only metric for perfection is how much we echo the saying of Staretz Silouan: "Love could not bear that." (Read our recent news release about why the slogan has changed from theosis to perfection.)

Our tag-line is all we are about at Efmevi. Come join us.

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