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"Where Were You?"
Issue #11 - 18/01/10

"The Message of God"
Issue #10 - 17/12/08

"The Power of God"
Issue #9 - 30/11/08

"A Blank Horizon"
Issue #8 - 09/10/08

"The Inscrutable Union"
Issue #7 - 08/09/08

Issue #6 - 18/07/08

"Now what?!"
Issue #5 - 05/06/08

Issue #4 - 28/04/08

"Bystanders on Sundays"
Issue #3 - 01/04/08

Presentation of the Lord to the Temple
Issue #2 - 03/03/08

"The Incarnation"
Issue #1 - 08/01/08

The History

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It's 2007. Midiane has spent years in isolation, personal turmoil, and deep doubt of his faith. Those years afforded him opportunities to meet like-minded people on the Internet and in face-to-face contact. They all shared different brands of a single experience: a direct clash with their respective church communities, and those on the Internet, that has left them trying to figure out how to pursue Orthodoxy towards God in this present day.

To all of them, it became clear after all these battles that the Coptic Church needed progressive attitudes, but did not know how to handle them. The direct clash revealed the most powerful voice in the church right now: one of a dangerous brand of literalism, blind loyalty to hierarchy, and taking part in controversial discussions by spitting with fervor fatwa-like decrees on all matters of Christian faith and practice. To question for the purpose of enlightenment and to re-examine conventions with critical eyes seems to be the work of a heretic, the majority reason.

Could it be so wrong to encourage others to hold current convention accountable to history and tradition? Why was it so troubling to people? The goal for Midiane and others who are like-minded has always been to understand, grow, and figure out what it means to be a Christian.

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